We are Abbott Holliday Partnership, Consulting Structural & Civil Engineers

We have branch offices all over the South-East of England, writing reports on building defects and preparing structural calculations for alterations and extensions.


If you are a chartered civil or structural engineer, do you fit in with the following criteria?

  1. you are retired or have left full time employment
  2. you would like to keep your hand in on a part-time basis
  3. you would be happy doing domestic and small commercial work
  4. you have a good command of English and can write good English
  5. you can do basic structural calcs for beams etc
  6. you would like to be able to work from home
  7. you live in the South-East of England
  8. you are happy to travel to sites within 20 miles of your home
  9. you would be happy with £30 per hour plus travelling expenses
  10. you would prefer not to sign any type of employment contract
If all the above apply, please look at our web site:
www.abbott-holliday.co.uk to see the type of work we do.
If you think you may like to join our team, please email Peter Holliday at peter@abbott-holliday.co.uk